Hard to find Tamworth meat is “robust and gutsy”

"Hard to find Tamworth meat is robust and gutsy. It has a taste unlike that of any of our other breeds. It has a balanced flavor that is the pork equivalent of a red beer. The Tamworth is a hearty and strong animal.

"The Tamworth breed is considered threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservency and we must create a market for it to preserve it for future generations. Cook simply on the grill with salt and pepper."

From the wonderful Heritage Foods USA website.I'd love to know how much they can sell at these prices. 
They certainly do a wonderful job of talking up meats from hertitage breeds.

    • You could try eight of their heritage chickens, including Barred Plymouth Rocks, for only $208.
    • Or that mouth-watering Tamworth rack-of-rib package, 10 ribs, about 7 lbs., for only $142.
    • Or you could try our own Lover's Creek Farm free-range Tamworth for just $2.99/ lb per side, when it's ready later this fall.

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One Response to Hard to find Tamworth meat is “robust and gutsy”

  1. Lisa Z says:

    My husband compared the pound of bacon we bought from you to a serving he was charged $20 for in New York City.

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