Snowy day in Grenfel

not really our farm

The final batch of roasting chickens we’re raising for this year sure didn’t appreciate the dumping of heavy wet snow overnight here at the farm.With Georgian Bay still so warm from our hot summer, the cold wind blowing over the lakes last night brought tons of white stuff. Trees were bent over, and the electric netting that protects the chickens was weighed down with snow. Luckily, a quick shake over each section took care of most of the problem.

The birds through, hardly wanted to leave the coop this morning, even for their feed. By noon though, things had warmed up and they were back poking around through the grass, happy as ever.

Thanks to everyone for your loyal support with Thankgiving turkeys again this year. Glad to hear everyone enjoyed their birds so much!

Now’s time to start thinking about pre-ordering sides and wholes of our Tamworth pork. We’ll have seven pigs from this litter ready in the spring. Remember, the Tamworth breed is especially renowned for the loin, as well as spectacular smoked bacon and hams.

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