About Lover’s Creek Farm

Lover’s Creek Farm
Grenfel Ont. (15 minutes west of Barrie)

Free-range Tamworth pork (sides & wholes); Free-range poultry; Free range eggs.

Free-range pork, poultry raised the old fashioned way for optimum flavour and health benefits – No antibiotics, hormones or artificial fertilizers used.



4 Responses to About Lover’s Creek Farm

  1. Darryl or Betty Mac Dougall says:

    Sorry I mean Angus omg don’t sent that typo to Ellen DeGeneres thanks lol!

  2. Cathy Clark says:

    Do you raise/sell grass fed beef?

  3. Lori Johnson says:

    I am your neighbour at 3380 Grenfel Road. I think you joined us for the Open House for Sweet Charity Medical Assistance Dogs. You purchased some raffle tickets and won. We picked the art work for you as requested.
    I have driven up a couple of times but the gates are locked. Would love to deliver your beautiful package when it is convenient for you.
    If I have the wrong people I am sorry. Just disregard.

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